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The True Cost of Bad Seating

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Incredibly we seem to have accepted low grade and low quality seating almost as the norm. The reason for the cheap prices you see almost everywhere is simply because cheap components are used. One of the most common complaints we hear is that the foam in the chair has turned to dust or the arm has broken off. "Buy cheap, Buy twice". It is not logical to pay an employee tens of thousands a year, sit them in front of a PC worth £1000 and a desk at £300 then sit them on a chair worth £50! Yet time after time we witness this. Sitting for long periods of time in an ill-fitting chair that offers little or no support has the potential to cause aches and pains that can then lead to an increase in absence from work or aggravated back problems. Now let me think, as an employer which do I prefer? Paying for decent back support office chairs or bearing the cost of increased employee, non productive absences.......

All our orthopaedic posture chairs are manufactured in the UK and exceed DSE standards using high end components. The manufacturer developed Coil Sprung and Sacropaedia Pocket Sprung seating which not only increases the durability of the chair but importantly equalises the pressure on the sacroiliac joints and pelvic girdle, providing a cushioning effect to the lower spine. Our orthopaedic chairs have posture positive mechanisms fitted as standard whereby the seat can be tilted slightly forwards which rotates the pelvis, reducing the compression on your lumbar spine area.

A SpineSmart posture chair will offer a height adjustable back enabling the user to position the lumbar support correctly in their lumbar space. Back & Seat angle tilt lockable in any position within the tilt range.

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