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Sacropaedia Pocket and Orthopaedia Coil Springs

We are a specialist seating company that focuses on resolving musculoskeletal disorders in the office environment. Through our innovative use of both coil springs and pocket springs we are able to offer enhanced support and weight distribution for maximum seating comfort. This being far superior that just foam. Ideal for anyone suffering from sciatica. The pocket springs are a must for a coccyx cut-out seat as they hold the integrity of the cut out and avoids that often known complaint that the foam cut out has collapsed.

Coil Springs

The benefits of coil springs:

  • Coil sprung seating equalises the pressure on the lower spine structure
  • Each coil is linked so that each movement is reacted to instantly
  • Superior support and durability when compared to traditional foam
  • A massaging effect, improving blood flow
  • Corridors of air in and around the coils reduce heat build-up

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    Pocket Springs

    Our leading back care seating manufacturer based in the UK has now introduced the innovative Sacropaedia Pocket Sprung seat a new development in back care seating.

    The benefits of pocket springs:

  • The individual sculpturing ensures that users of all shapes, sizes and weights are supported as the springs instantly adapt to your body contour
  • Due to the nature of a pocket spring they will not collapse over time, unlike some foam seats
  • Designed and tested not to lose more than 3% of the springs height in 10 years
  • 50+ Individual pocket springs in each chair
  • Sacropaedia Pocket Springs improve core stability, reduce skeletal compression and offer you lasting supportive seating.

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