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Solution based DSE Seating

Designed and manufactured to exceed compliance with the current DSE seating specifications and the ISO 9241-5 guidelines for Workstation and Postural Requirements. This office posture seating range offers 3 sizes in each of the chair models, with the exception of the Spinesmart 700. Due to our unique relationship with the UK manufacturer of our ergonomic office posture chairs we are in the enviable position to have bespoke back care chairs made specifically to suit your Height, Weight and Back Support requirements. If you cannot see a back care chair that suits you, please just email us with your height, weight, back condition and any other special requirements and we will get back to you once we have identified the most suitable ergonomic chair for you.

The guidelines address workstation suitability that encourages your natural movement and offers you adjustability and functionality to suit you as an individual and your tasks. This is one of the main reasons we do not subscribe to "off the shelf" seating as one size does NOT fit all. Having purchased an appropriate chair for either your function and/or back problem do not fall into the trap that just sitting on it will resolve your issues, it will not, that is why we provide you with clear operating instructions and a posture guide - work in partnership with your chair to improve your workplace posture. This is being "SpineSmart®"

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