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Back Care Tips and Managing the Process

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Be aware of wild claims from ergonomic seating specialists that a chair will resolve all your back pain issues.

This statement may seem crazy coming from a seating specialist but a chair is only part of the back pain management solution! The proprietors own experience has confirmed this belief. Having had back surgery and subsequently taking part in back pain trials at King's College Hospital, London, he soon recognised the value of seeking advice from clinical practitioners who can guide sufferers in the management of their back pain, especially relating to exercise and posture.
When advised that he would need to be on pain medication for the rest of his life, this was a trigger to seek an alternative path which led him to adopt an extensive exercise regime. The daily back exercises coupled with regular swimming plus an understanding of workplace posture now sees him drug-free!

Back Care Tips

Will a posture chair really help ? - Well the answer to that question will very much depend upon what the underlying issue is. Very few of us sit correctly and too many of us sit for longer than our bodies are designed for, so taking the question in the context of general posture as opposed to a specific medical condition, then the answer is yes. We will also address the question more towards "office workers".

The office workforce is almost encouraged to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. Long hours, eating lunch at the desk or in-house facility. Using what break time you have to catch up with your social media on your smartphone. It's really no surprise that we often hear "oh my aching back". Your body needs movement, many simple aches and pains can be overcome by movement.

How you deal with your back pain is a process of self management, from the time you awake in the morning, to your return to bed at night. Having a good posture chair at work is only part of the solution. Get the day off to a good start - learn how to get out of bed correctly in the morning by rolling out using your arm strength instead of your back muscles. A Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor will gladly advise you how to do this and offer many other day to day tips to manage your back pain.

Research some basic exercises that you can do at your desk. Get up and move around at least every half an hour - don't find excuses that this is not possible - it is ! At lunch go for a walk, better still the gym or swimming pool. If you spend all week sitting and not exercising the one thing that is guaranteed is that when you pick up that heavy shopping basket or dig the garden at the weekend, your back will let you know sooner or later what it thinks of this routine.

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